An Executive Chef, a Robot and a Vision for High-Nutrition Snacks

This is part two of a two-part series about our Executive Chef. Yesterday, we discussed her accomplishments prior to joining our team. Today we find out how she reacted to her new sous chef, Chef B, our robot! Read part one.

Some think it’s adorable. Others are mesmerized by its movement. For sure, it makes a delicious blend. But it can’t take all the credit. Chef B, our robot, pretty much does what it’s told.

Pretty much.

Kristen meets her match; a sous chef with a “mind” of its own.

Robots have requirements. While they can work without a break, there are some things they can’t do – like grab a pinch of salt or pull the peel off a banana.

Understanding those conditions were some of the first parameters Kristen faced when creating blend recipes for Chef B. While the vision for Chef B is to do much more than make blends, the first application is creating smoothies that provide a nutritious snack for folks who often need a brain boost during the day.

It works in the kitchen, but can a robot replicate it?

Committed to her value of making healthy foods taste delicious, Kristen started creating. “I’d develop something that tasted great, but then we’d discover the robot had a hard time with the ingredient. Funny enough, bananas proved to be a challenge. Fresh banana sticks together, and it turns brown fairly quickly. We had to source frozen fresh banana instead. It provides the same level of nutrition, but pieces don’t stick together, and they can be measured and blended by Chef B easily.”

Another challenge is powders. “Often blends contain ingredients that boost nutrition – like adding a protein powder. But powder is hard to automate. Instead, I used real food to deliver that food value relying on things like kefir, chia seeds and kale.” She worked to develop seven blends that are available today. “I have to tell you the hardest part of the whole thing, was washing all those blenders!”

Visit a Kiosk, order a blend.

The Blendid app is the easiest way to see the different blends and where they are available. In the meantime, Kristen is busy creating a set of new blends for the fall. “We have three blends we’ll keep in rotation because they are so popular, The Classic, Undercover Kale and Mango Blush. I can’t announce the new ones yet, but as soon as they are available, they will be on the mobile app.”

Have ideas for a blend or feedback on what you’ve tried, leave us a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.