Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How does this work?

A: Blendid is a fully autonomous kiosk that houses a robotic arm, plenty of ingredient storage dispensers in freezers and refrigerators, a blender station, cup dispensers, and a water subsystem. Once you place an order for a drink of your choice (and you’ll be able to customize each menu item to your taste and allergies), you’ll see the robot in action getting precise measurements and making your drink. Chef B will do everything from dispensing, blending, pouring, and serving. Go ahead and order a drink to see it in action!

Q: Does Blendid eliminate any jobs for existing workers?

A: No. Blendid kiosk is an added bonus. It brings another food option without adding more stress on existing staff.  It won’t eliminate any jobs. We hope this will help alleviate load on staff and reduce wait lines during busy hours.

Q: Are you in any other locations?

A: Yes! We actually deployed at Plug and Play in Sunnyvale last year and ran a pre-pilot for a number of months. Now we’re at USF and have plans to deploy at multiple corporate and college locations throughout San Francisco bay area in the coming months

Q: Does the robot ever miss the cup when it’s pouring? How do you prevent similar mistakes?

A: You’d be surprised to hear this, but honestly no. I’d say it’s the process where we see the most success. Of course, we had our moments  when we were first programming Chef B, but we’ve come a long way and now have machine vision built in so the robot knows exactly when and where to place the cup and where to pour. And Chef B never has a bad hair day!

Q: Where do you get your ingredients?

A: We source our ingredients from a number of producers of fresh and flash frozen products. All our ingredients are distributed nationwide using US Foods.

Q: How did you come up with these recipes?

A: Our Executive Chef and Nutritionist, Kristen Rasmussen (who has taught food science and other culinary-nutrition courses at UC Berkeley and the Culinary Institute of America and is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist), develops the recipes based on what we understand that people want and need, keeping in mind that humans are very different when it comes to food preferences. We go through various iterations of our recipes based on team testing, focus group research, and input from our customers.

Q: Can I create my own blend or mix-and-match flavors?

A: Our chef and nutritionist has carefully crafted each blend for the optimal taste and texture.  Using feedback from focus groups including a variety of participants, we have also defined the customizations allowed to ensure the taste and texture still reflect the key blend characteristics.

Q: Why can't I add ingredients?

A: Add-ons such as protein powder will be included as options in the near future as we continue to refine our blend program – stay tuned!

Q: Is this the whole menu?

A: We work closely with our chef to design every recipe that we deploy in this kiosk; we actually have a large repository of menu items for different times of the day including different ingredients. We will systematically roll out new ingredients and flavors as we move forward, so stay tuned.

Q: Are all of your ingredients healthy?

A: Yes. We use only real, whole fruits and vegetables flash frozen at the peak of ripeness, nutrient-dense seeds, 100% juices like coconut water and apple juice, and other ingredients like fermented dairy kefir, 100% cocoa powder, pure spices, and herbs. While we do use agave in certain blends, which is technically an added sugar, agave is a minimally processed added sugar that is fine in moderation. Additionally, we add agave to provide balance to some of our more bitter ingredients that are nutrition-packed. In the future, you’ll also be able to customize your blend to reduce or remove ingredients if desired.

Q: Are all of your blends healthy?

A: Yes. That being said, depending on the person and situation (time of day, exercise vs. no exercise, allergies, etc.), some blends are healthier for certain people than others. For example, if you are someone who just worked out and does not have time to eat for several hours, the Blueberry Cacao might be the right blend for you (higher than others in calories, high fiber for satiation), whereas the Tropical Twist would be good for someone looking for a lighter blend as a hydrating refreshment.

Q: Which blends are vegan?

A: The only ingredient that we use that is NOT plant-based/vegan is dairy kefir, so any blend that does not have kefir is 100% plant-based, or vegan. Currently, 5 of the 8 blends are 100% plant-based.

Q: Which blends are gluten-free?

A: We do not use any gluten-containing ingredients in our blends!

Q: Which blends are paleo?

A: The definition of the paleogenic (paleo) diet varies. However, for some definitions, any blend without dairy kefir, agave, and apple juice would count as “paleo”.

Q: Which blends are keto?

A: The ketogenic (keto) diet is very, very low carbohydrate and high fat. Since our blends all contain fruit, they are likely not a part of most keto diets.