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"I knew from the beginning that Blendid's combination of technology and healthy, good tasting blends could be a great fit for us and the University of San Francisco community."
CEO, Bon Appétit Management Company
"Jamba by Blendid is yet another way technology can help us deliver on our guest needs. We see an opportunity to get Jamba into more locations, make it even more accessible, and create solutions where our team members can leverage the latest in technology to efficiently serve our guests."
President, Jamba
"Bringing Blendid to the SSU community helps us respond to what our students want. It also provides advanced technology that allows consumers to make a curated healthy smoothie without sacrificing quality and flavor."
don cortes
Executive Chef for Culinary Services, Sonoma State University
"The Blendid experience is very unique and always a highlight when guests visit the Market Café for the first time. The appeal of fresh produce prepared simply without artificial flavoring and the ability to adjust ingredients to each customer's preferences is the key to Blendid’s success."
District Manager, Bon Appétit Management Company

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