Ackerman Union Adds New Dining Options Ahead of Fall Quarter

Creating only smoothies, the Jamba by Blendid robot allows Bruins to tailor smoothies to their liking, said Geoff Henry, president of Jamba.

“Being able to customize it and then actually watch the robot make the smoothie, pour the smoothie, deliver the smoothie through the two-way glass door – it’s just a really fun experience,” Henry said.

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Jamba by Blendid Robot Can Make Nine Smoothies at Same Time

When students return to UCLA this fall, they’ll have a new option for fresh, custom smoothies. A Jamba robot! Jamba by Blendid is a self-contained, fully automated kiosk. It requires just an 8 x 8-foot space to operate. It holds up to 20 ingredients and typically requires just a few hours of restocking a day.

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Why do college kids get all the cool robots?

If you have a kid heading to college in the fall, it might be time to have the talk. It’s okay to experiment, but don’t go crazy for the first robot you meet – you’ll have others.

That’s because college campuses are fast emerging as a critical early testing ground for the robotics sector. The latest example comes via juice purveyor Jamba and Blendid, a robotic food service solutions provider. The companies will roll out their autonomous robotic kiosk locations at UCLA.

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Jamba by Blendid expands to UCLA

Jamba by Blendid’s 24-hour service appears to be a good fit for high-traffic locations. College campuses in particular are populated with tech-savvy consumers, who are open to automation and may not have much free time during traditional restaurant hours. Research from Big Red Rooster also shows Gen Z diners are more likely to feel positive emotions in the presence of foodservice automation.

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UCLA to install Jamba by Blendid robotic kiosk

UCLA, the third college to open such a kiosk, will open Jamba by Blendid this summer in preparation for the 2022-2023 school year.

“We’re excited to finalize details for the official opening and to see how robotics and artificial intelligence technologies can help our food service operations keep pace with student and faculty needs,” said Cindy Bolton, director of ASUCLA food operations.

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Smoothie Bots to Take Over Jamba Locations

Robots are coming to the quick serve space, and it’s been fascinating to track the progression across various food offerings. In the latest iteration, smoothie purveyor Jamba is expanding its partnership with food automation firm Blendid on additional robotic smoothie kiosks.

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